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"Enough! I am so over this!" I yelled out in the silence of the morning. It had been nearly five years since I went through the financial pain of losing my homes to foreclosure and short sales. It had been almost a decade since the dissolution of my eighteen-year marriage. And yet, I was still living the pain of those experiences every day. I had taken on an identity of failure, and it was affecting everything I did—or didn't do. In other words, self-sabotage was running my life!

What about you?

Have you set your goals, and yet... something is getting in your way? Do you know what you want, and yet... something or someone seems to be holding you back? You can see this happening, but you haven't quite pinpointed the culprit.

Let's get right to it. The culprit that holds you back is Self-Sabotage.

Self-sabotage is a game of the subconscious. It occurs in hidden parts of your mind and most of the time you are not even aware you are sabotaging yourself. Who would ever deliberately undermine, injure, or attack their own dreams, goals, or personal interests? Why would anyone ever hurt themselves?

The answer is no one would ever undermine their own desires consciously. But everyone, to some extent, does it subconsciously...until they become aware of their sabotage patterns and slay them!

Self-sabotage happens when you have a core belief that interferes or is not in harmony with your goals and dreams. This is what self-sabotage looked like for me:

After the foreclosures, I continued to run my businesses, except I was so risk-adverse, the projects I took on were way below my usual standard. After the divorce, I continued to enjoy my personal life, but I was riddled with fear of loss.

I questioned—deeply questioned—my desire for the material and even considered becoming a minimalist (that's actually funny), and I renounced the material and the desires of my heart. I decided those things brought too much pain and it was better to not want for things. (Unless you are truly called to be a minimalist, this is where all of you underachievers cheer for my enlightenment and together we celebrate how spiritual we are!)

Obviously, I now believe that decision was just one of the ways I was sabotaging and keeping myself small. For me, small meant safe; and after being beat up in life, feeling safe was all I wanted. However, with every passing day, I became more and more agitated. The so-called safety I was seeking began to feel like a prison in which I'd been given a life sentence. And the craziest thing of all—I was the one who had pronounced that sentence on myself. What I thought would give me peace and keep me safe grew into an overwhelming feeling of bondage. I remember sharing with a group of friends at a women's retreat, "I feel like I've lost my MoJo."

That last statement couldn't have been more true! I had lost my MoJo and I was the one who continued to turn it off and shut it down. My decision to be more cautious and protective was keeping me from my calling of leading people to discover their greatness, because I was keeping me from discovering my own!

I'm glad I woke up! It may have taken a few years of wallowing in those financial circumstances and several months of intense inner work to reprogram my brain to stop the self-sabotage, but I did it! My new book, Slay the Dragon, tells the story of HOW I got out of my own way and got my MoJo back.

My intention with this message is to teach you a simple, yet profound process to break through self-sabotage. Through the disciplines of psychology, neurology, and theology, you'll learn how to:

  • Re-create your Self-View and discover new levels of confidence and contribution;
  • Transform your circumstances into the driving force that fuels you;
  • Break through fear of failure and success to become a blessing to others;
  • Create clarity to stop procrastination and make you unstoppable;
  • Release control and tap into unrealized and unlimited potential; and
  • Manage your emotions and learn how to discipline your thoughts.

Experiencing the life you really want is that simple. But make no mistake; it isn't easy. You'll work harder on yourself than you ever have. You've got to be willing to do the inner work to BECOME what you want before you can experience it.

Through this process, you will become a Dragon Slayer. You'll learn how to slay self-sabotage, get out of your own way, and tap into your inner MoJo to get what you want!

Success is your birthright. Progress is your natural way of being. Expansion is how you were designed. If life has beaten you down and you, like me, have some inner demons, this book will help you slay the Dragons of Sabotage and get on with creating your best life.

When you can identify and slay the 5 Dragons of Self-Sabotage, you release an inner power that will excite and delight you. There is harmony within. You feel a divine guidance over your life. You have a profound sense of clarity and just know what to do to achieve your goals.

You Know You're a Dragon Slayer When You:

  • Have an organized office, home, car, briefcase, filing cabinets, and life;
  • Have the ability to quickly identify and slay fear, procrastination, worry, and self-doubt;
  • Have a sense of clarity of where you are going and know exactly what to do to get there;
  • Have a great sense of joy about your goals, dreams, and the inevitability of experiencing them;
  • Have a confident posture that others are attracted to; and
  • Utilize a deep conviction in a Force within yourself.

Slay the Dragon will equip you to begin achieving at a whole new level. You will learn how to DRIVE your mind and discipline your emotions. You are tapped into the inner power that has always been available for you.

Rich blessings,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
Copyright © 2015

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