Prosperity belongs to the dreamer. Fortune favors the brave. And the Rich Life belongs to the risk-taker.

The good news is that you were born with innate risk-taking ability. Just ask someone who knew you when you were a two-year-old. You were a tenacious, bold, courageous, life-loving adventurer!

Have life circumstances caused you to settle for mediocrity or are you living your rich life?

And what does living a RICH life really mean? We have watched shows like, ”Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” and we are conditioned to believe that being RICH is sipping champagne in the Jacuzzi in our luxurious mansion while the butler waxes the Rolls Royce!

First, let me say that living a rich life is not based on materialism. The material is certainly a part of the rich life, but it is not the only part. (And if you are not careful, the material part of life can actually keep you from the kind of life that makes you truly RICH!)

Living a rich life is more a mind set. It is an inner health of how you see yourself and others, what you believe, what you think about, and how you behave. In one succinct sentence…

Living a rich life is about BEING your full self and living that full self OUT LOUD and IN COLOR!

It’s about tuning in and turning on! A person who is living a RICH life is tuned in to their innate wisdom, their intuition, their power, their purpose, and they are turned on to their ability to affect outrageous, powerful, positive change in the world! They are tuned in to realize the abundant opportunity around them and they begin to attract it!

If you are ready to learn how to live a life that is truly rich, then you are the person I developed “The Rich Life Kit” for. Let me tell you about the philosophy behind the Rich Life Kit and how to use it.

Please know that the Rich Life philosophy is based on the belief that you were born to be blessed so you can be a blessing to others. You have so many opportunities and advantages waiting for you to accept so you can experience a more abundant life. And in turn pour out your rich life onto others.

Rich Life KitThe Rich Life Kit is a system that comes in two segments. The first segment is the Advanced Rich Life Seminar. This is four 60-minute audio CDs and a work-along Study Guide. You will listen to one of the four CD’s each week for a month. You’ll have homework assignments and quizzes to complete in your study guide. The power in this seminar is the accountability aspect. When you go through the homework assignments you will get clear about what you really want, what has been holding you back, and exactly what you need to do to help you get there. You will create a clear step-by-step action plan to keep you focused every day. You will build momentum and that is the most powerful, sure way to creating success!

This 4-hour Advanced Rich Life course alone is worth 10 times what you pay for the entire kit. You will take an introspective journey to reveal the self-limiting beliefs and habits that keep you from your rich life. You’ll find out exactly how to think like the rich in all areas of your life. You’ll see a difference in yourself right away. And you’ll be amazed at how powerful you are to attract into your life exactly what you really want.

The second part of the Rich Life Kit is what I’m really excited about! This is what will keep you focused and motivated every day. You will receive 27 daily meditations that will condition your mind and your heart to RECEIVE the abundance you begin to attract. Each daily meditation comes on its own CD. Pop Day One in your CD player in the morning and meditate on it all day. Then, you’ll build on that mediation the next day and the next and the next. THIS is important! These 27 daily meditations will actually retrain your mind. They build on each other and will empower you to think differently, dream more boldly, and act more abundantly.

The great benefit of this part of the Rich Life Kit is the daily doses of motivation and business-building tips. Just like taking a vitamin every day will build health on the inside, listening to these daily motivations will dial your thoughts to success and create a powerful success mind-set. You will actually begin to see opportunity that you were blind to before.

I know without doubt that if I can teach you these principles of the rich, your life will never be the same – and the people in your sphere of influence will never be the same. I have seen it happen in countless people that have worked with me. The light turns on. The mind shifts. The dream awakens. And they regain their child-like courage, risk-taking ability, and are on fire for creating their rich life.

So, what about you? Are you ready to stop settling for a life of just getting by and learn how you can live a truly Rich Life?

Let me help you reveal your dreams and live beyond what you thought was possible. You can learn how to live the rich life for only $497. (That’s less than $16 a day!)

But before you make a decision to invest in the Rich Life Kit – I must tell you that I have seen amazing results in the Rich Life graduates and I guarantee results for you as well. And, I know how important it is to complete the entire Kit. That means you’ll need to listen to one of the Rich Life CD’s every week AND one of the 27 Rich Life meditations every day for a month. If you are ready to make that one-month commitment for yourself and you are ready to think differently, dream differently, and act differently, then you are ready to order The Rich Life Kit today.

Order today and you will take the first step to releasing the bold, adventurous, risk-taker in you. You will receive:

  • Rich Life Seminar on four 60-minute audio CDs
  • Work-along-study guide
  • 27 audio CDs with daily meditations

Richest blessings,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

P.S. You really can achieve your dreams and live a life you love! Let me help you get there. Invest in yourself and you’ll invest in others. Click here to order the Rich Life Kit for only $497, or call
(954) 829-5693.

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