Radical Recruiting

Learn how to attract and recruit the winners! This audio album should be in every Network Marketer's library. In it, you will learn how to change your mindset and shatter your fear of recruiting. You'll master the 5-step sponsoring process and learn how to create an easy to use follow-up system. You'll learn the secrets to crafting a powerful presentation and one-on-one talk. You have all you need to build the organization you've always dreamed of. Learn how to use it to your ultimate advantage with this powerful six audio CD album and workbook.

Radical Recruiting will help you build your organization fast. You will learn an easy to duplicate 5-step recruiting process that will help you:

  • Discover and eliminate your hidden fears about prospecting;
  • Find out where to find the best prospects;
  • Listen to an interview with Lisa Jimenez on Radical Recruiting.

  • Learn how to make powerful presentations to build your image—and your confidence;
  • Practice the best strategy for successful follow-up;
  • Discover the secrets to overcome the toughest objections;
  • Learn the most effective close to help your prospect say yes; and
  • Create momentum to make building your business more fun.

If you're serious about enrolling more leaders, making more money, and having more fun prospecting, then Radical Recruiting can show you the way. In this program, Lisa Jimenez M.Ed., digs deep to the root of prospecting to show you how to take your business to the next level. Lisa will empower you with the personal growth tools and dynamite prospecting skills you need to boost your business now! She uses her real-world experience of building a big business herself, to show you how to attract and retain the winners. Lisa's 5-step recruiting process is motivating to follow and gets results.

These are the recruiting secrets you've been searching for!

"Finally my search is over! For the last 18 months I have diligently searched for a Recruiting system that was comprehensive and complete, and that provided bottom line RESULTS! With the amazing discovery of Lisa's "Radical Recruiting!" the door to RAPID results has now been opened for me. After listening to half of the program, I put in practice Lisa's techniques and attracted and recruited a true leader into my organization. Radical Recruiting is pure gold and a real treasure for my business!"

-- Sherry Cantua
Senior marketing Director with Telewrx

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