Recruiting tips to take you to the upper reaches of your company’s compensation plan . . .

27 Days From Your Break Through.
And You're Running Out of Time!

Dear Colleague,

So, I'm sitting around my dining room table with my top producers. It's the end of the year and we're evaluating how we did. I open the meeting with two convicting questions.

#1.)  "Are you where you want to be in your business?" And,    

#2.)  "What's holding you back?" 

That's when it all began. They each began to voice the obstacles that are holding them back.

Leal started it off. "I just can't seem to stay motivated," she said. "I meet a new prospect, tell them about my opportunity, and then I actually forget to call them back."

That's when Margaret jumped in. "It's the rejection that I'm having trouble dealing with." "No," she interrupted herself, "It's not really the rejection-It's the deception!" 

"It's when a prospect says they want more information and we set up a time for me to follow up. Then, they lie to me! They look me straight in the eye and they lie! They don't even show up for our meeting. It's so weird. I just can't figure it out!"

Michael knocks his water glass over as he throws up his hands and yells, "You know what it is . . .We all really want to make this work. But we need something that keeps us on track. Something that will help us stay focused and motivated every day!" 

I didn't know what to tell them . . .

Fast forward five years. In a moment of quiet reflection, it came to me. I know what Leal, Margaret, and Michael needed to help them succeed!

So I began writing. I was up till 3 am that morning and spent the next five days developing real tangible things they could do-you can do-to find, attract, and sponsor the winners! I took everything I knew about prospecting and compiled them into 27 specific, success, strategies-real concrete things you can do right now to grow your organization. And, these are exactly the things you need to hear every day to keep you on target, so that you can build exponentially!

These are the personal growth tools and dynamite prospecting skills you need to boost your business now!

Picture this. every morning, first thing when you get up, you open your e-mail and I'm in your inbox. I'm there with one specific thing you can do that day to grow your business just a little bit more. The next day, another e-mail bell-it's another message from me with another tip to help you find yet one more leader for your organization. Day three another bell... Day four another bell.

For the next 27 days you and I are going to be connected in a journey of challenge, adventure and growth. These recruiting tips will take you to the upper reaches of your company's compensation plan!

In 27 days you will learn how to:

    • Discover and eliminate your hidden fears about prospecting;
    • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs;
    • Break through negative programming;
    • Raise your self-esteem and confidence;
    • Find out where to find the best prospects;
    • Stop procrastination and self-sabotage;
    • Learn how to make powerful presentations to build your image-and your confidence;
    • Reject rejection with the L.O.A. (law of average);
    • Practice the best strategy for successful follow-up;
    • Discover the secrets to overcome the toughest objections;
    • Learn the most effective close to help your prospect say yes; and
    • Create momentum to make building your business more fun!

YES! I'm Ready! Sign me up!

These are the scintillating recruiting tips that will help you begin your day focused, energetic, and motivated to get to work!

Now, I know you're wondering how much this is going cost. Well, that's the really good news. First, let me tell you that my fee for a full day training program is up to $10,000.  I've already done the massive work needed to create this program. So, the way I look at it, since the research is complete, the tips have been written, and since I want to make this Internet Coaching Program available for every one-even the brand new distributor, I've priced this recruiting program at a ridiculously low price of only $27.00! 

Here's the bottom line, for a dollar a day, you'll get a different recruiting tip in your inbox every day for 27 days. And I even guarantee this coaching program. If you don't believe these recruiting tips are helping you build your business, call my office and we'll refund your money. 

Now, I know you're probably expecting me to validate the price of this coaching program. But you know what? It is priced so inexpensively that I won't even bother convincing you to sign up now. If, by now you are not convinced that you have just got to have these recruiting tips in your email box every day, then I don't really want you in my coaching program. 

However, if you do see the incredible value in receiving these motivational, prospecting tips-and you are at the level that you'll apply them . . .then, I want to work with you!

Let me ask you one final question . . .

What will your business look like in 27 days?

This is your opportunity to get the recruiting tips and daily motivation you need to take your business to the next level.

Sign up NOW to begin receiving your daily dose of recruiting tips and motivation!  Call my office direct at (954) 829-5693 to subscribe now and immediately receive your first recruiting tip.


Lisa Jimenez