Dear Colleague,

Have you noticed that most people who have achieved great success gave credit to their personal coach?

They all had someone to lead, guide, and inspire them. When Oprah Winfrey wanted to lose weight, she hired a personal fitness coach. When Steven Covey, Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, and J.K. Rowling became successful, they all gave credit to their personal coach.

You and I are no different. I know for myself, every great success I’ve achieved, whether in my business, my marriage, or my spiritual life, has been accomplished with the help of a coach.

Do you have a personal coach that you meet with on a weekly basis who stretches you into bigger thinking, greater dreaming, and higher achieving?

For the past two years, I’ve been coaching people from all types of businesses and industries; everyone from realtors, speakers, network marketers, direct sellers, travel agents, authors, and artists. Right now, I have 37 people on a waiting list counting the days when one of my existing clients will graduate so they can snatch up their coaching time. Instead of building a bigger waiting list, I decided to build a better coaching program. That’s why I designed . . .

The Quantum Leap Coaching Program

This coaching program is not for everybody. It consists of six wealth-building lessons covering a myriad of intense personal development tips and business-building strategies. The lessons are highly structured and build upon each other.

For that reason, it is imperative that you complete the lessons on time and are available for every coaching call. I’ve created the coaching program this way because it works! These lessons create the blueprint you need to build your dream, achieve your goals, and live a life you love.

Now, if I haven’t scared you away yet, read on to see if you qualify for Quantum Leap Coaching (QLC) and if this is the type of coaching you’ve been searching for.

  • If you are a high achiever and have already experienced great success, but feel like you just need a boost to propel you to the next level, then you are the type of coaching client who can benefit from QLC.
  • If you are a highly motivated person and you’re dedicated and willing to do the necessary work to create your breakthrough success, then you are the type of client I want to work with.
  • If you have an interest in participating in the weekly group coaching calls, facilitating in the monthly tele-seminars and speaking at the annual live events, then Quantum Leap Coaching is definitely for you!

My big vision for QLC is to have a group of successful entrepreneurs who have a desire to build others while they build themselves. The graduates of the QLC program will speak at the live events and help facilitate the group coaching calls and tele-seminars. In the near future, I’d like to see a prospect visit the QLC website and have a dozen personal coaches to choose from—not just me.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

Let’s talk about what hiring me as your personal coach will do for you and your business…

Quantum Leap Coaching will give you the motivation and the accountability you need to build your business and create more wealth in every area of your life. You’ll begin achieving at levels you never thought possible. You’ll dramatically improve your productivity, your mind-set, and experience a quantum leap in both your personal and professional life.

I’ve seen incredible breakthroughs and mind-blowing quantum leaps in the graduates of this program. Here’s what some of them have to say about their quantum leap!

“Quantum Leap Coaching is exactly that, it has literally shattered my limitations and made me think bigger and bolder than ever. It was the best investment I have ever made in myself. It gave me the accountablility to complete my book project and get if published! If you are looking for accomplishing big things, then Lisa and her coaching program has got to be part of your business plan.”

--Calley Beamish
Author, The Adventurer's Guide to the Tropics

“You have empowered me to accomplish much more than I thought I ever could! You are a great teacher and mentor.

--Tina Marino
President Marino & Associates

I have learned so dang much from you, Lisa. I’ve recruited three strong recruits since working with you and have learned how to build them into great leaders!”

--Gina Lagalbo
Sr. Sales Director L’Bri Skincare

“Going through your program marks a defining moment of understanding for me. I pass your wisdom onto my group every week and have seen incredible improvements in their sales and recruiting!”

--Jim and Wiskerchen
Sr. Director, The Traveling Vineyard

“Lisa, your coaching program is one big WOW! It is exactly what I wanted and needed to build my business.”

--Lisa Cannon
4Success University, Inc.

“Our weekly coaching calls are priceless . . . You give me the motivation to see the big picture and the accountability to make it happen. My sales have tripled since I’ve been working with you.”

--Tonya Grimes
Sr. Sales Director, Creative Memories


You can begin your quantum leap at the speed and intensity that works for you with the two unique levels we offer:

Level One is the Diplomat Level. This program is for you if you are searching for tips and ideas on how to craft and build your dream. You are willing to do the weekly homework assignments and you are serious about eliminating every barrier that has been holding you back. In six months you will shave years off your learning curve and master the steps to building a dream career and life.

In the group coaching calls you’ll network with other top business men and women. In addition to having an opportunity to talk through and strategize the challenges you face, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes view of the challenges other high achievers face—and most importantly—what their strategies are and how they achieve successful outcomes.

The synergy on those coaching calls is amazing! It will energize you throughout the day and empower you all week long.

The monthly seminars will get you thinking! Each month I’ll enlighten and challenge you with one of these six business-building topics. Lessons include:

  • Designing Your Dream Life and Creating a Plan of Action;
  • How to Identify What Holds You Back—and Eliminate It Forever;
  • How to Create Laser Focus and Craft a Compelling Vision;
  • One Simple Strategy to Turn Fear Into Your Green Light to Go;
  • Adopting an Empowering Belief System that Attracts Success to You; and
  • Three Steps to Creating and Achieving Your Business (and Life) Plan!

These powerful lessons are a blend of personal development and business-building strategies. They accompany a concentrated homework assignment that will reveal any missing links and will ensure the information takes hold in both your head and your heart.

Diplomat Level Receives:

  • Conquer Fear! Book by, Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed.;
  • Conquer Fear! Audio Program, by Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed.;
  • Weekly Group Tele-Coaching (60 minutes);
  • Weekly Homework assignments;
  • Monthly Tele-Seminars (60 minutes);
  • Graduation Ceremony and Diploma;
  • Entry into LIVE QLC Super Conferences;
  • Personal Dream-Building Questionnaire;
  • Professional Needs Analysis;

Total Investment for Six Month Diplomat Program is only $2,900!

You can also make Easy Monthly Installments of only $497 for six months.

If you’re ready for more private and personal coaching—and you’re interested in speaking, training, and coaching yourself, then the advanced level is for you. It’s called the Ambassador Level.

You’ll want this level if you seek personal and private, one-one-one coaching. This is for you if you are a big thinker—and an even bigger dreamer—and are ready to be challenged in more advanced, sophisticated ways.

You must have an open mind and be eager to approach your business in new and innovative ways. The Ambassador level is for you if you are thick-skinned and can handle—even welcome—tough truths and personal insights; because you know that’s what it takes to achieve the highest level possible.

The Ambassador Level is also for you if you have a desire to be one of the facilitators on the monthly seminars, speak at the live events, and graduate from QLC to become a part time or full time coach yourself.

You’ll receive the same business building lessons, homework assignments, and group coaching as in the Diplomat Level. In addition, you will get a personal and private coaching call every week. Together we will plan, create, and execute a fast and furious road map for your accelerated business success.

In six months, my clients at the Ambassador Level have doubled—even tripled their organizations—and their income. They have books published, websites that are making money, speaking engagements on the calendar, articles that are circulating in major magazines . . . and they are having the time of their lives!

Ambassador Level Receives:

  • All Diplomat Level Amenities.
    • Conquer Fear! Book, by Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.;
    • Conquer Fear! Audio Program, by Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.;
    • Weekly Group Tele-Coaching (60 minutes);
    • Weekly Homework assignments;
    • Monthly Tele-Seminars (60 minutes);
    • Graduation Ceremony and Diploma;
    • Entry into LIVE QLC Super Conferences;
    • Personal Dream-Building Questionnaire;
    • Professional Needs Analysis;
  • PLUS:
    • Personal and Private Weekly Coaching Calls (60 minutes);
    • Personal Weekly Homework Assignments;
    • Personal E-mail Access Monday-Saturday;
    • Personal Business-Building Blueprint;
    • Plan of Action Journal and Dream Book;
    • Personal and Private Accountability Plan;
    • Facilitator and Speaking Opportunities;

Total Investment for Six Month Ambassador Program is only $11,700!
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You can also make Easy Monthly Installments of only $2,200 for six months.
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A 30 minute phone interview and Needs Analysis is required.  Please call Lisa at or (954) 829-5693 to schedule yours.

Richest blessings,


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