How to Harness Your Power Over Money and Success!

The Money Makeover Kit by Lisa JimenezThe number one reason people limit their wealth potential is the hidden fear and limiting beliefs they have about money.  These limitations cause them to actually repel money!

In the “Money Makeover Kit” you will learn how to change your relationship with money.  You’ll create a strategy to finally find financial freedom.  You will be free from the constant worry about money and experience a radical shift in your belief system and your life.  Money opportunities will begin to attract to you – with ease as you create a powerful mindset and empowering money beliefs!  What would your life look like if you could finally break free from these negative beliefs and hidden fears?

In this powerful 30-day Money Makeover Kit you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and overcome the hidden fears that keep you from money;
  • Breakthrough the self-limiting beliefs you have about success;
  • Reprogram your money blueprint to attract wealth;
  • Cultivate your faith about money and ‘being enough’;
  • Create a success mind-set to attract opportunity to you;
  • Grow your confidence and change your relationship to money;
  • Create laser focus and a strong commitment to your goals;
  • Set and achieve your money goals; and,
  • Be a major contribution to your family, community and the planet!

You will laugh (and be shocked) when Lisa shares with you the hidden messages about money your behavior is screaming out. Through personal stories and humor, Lisa reveals how your belief system actually repels money ~ and what you can do about it!

Just imagine what your life will be like when you break free of the fear of money and success. Where will your business be in one, ten, or twenty years if you learned how to eliminate the hidden money fears that hold you back? This program teaches the 3 action steps you can take NOW to eradicate the fear of money and success and increase your wealth! Nothing will stop you from building wealth, growing your business and becoming an outrageous contribution to the planet!

Let fear expert, Lisa Jimenez help you radically shift your mind-set, put money in its correct place and get on with creating your big, fun, adventurous life. With the "Money Makeover Kit" you'll eradicate your money fears and begin attracting financial success beyond your imagination.


When you order The Money Makeover Kit, you'll receive 2 special bonus gifts!

Bonus Gift #1

You'll receive "Create Your Rich Life Email Mini Course" and...

Bonus Gift #2

You'll also receive Lisa's "Rich Life Questionnaire" that identifies your money blocks AND a one hour private coaching call with Lisa to breakthrough those money blocks!

Read What Others Have to Say!

"I've been to four of Lisa's retreats! My transformation is profound. I set a goal of buying an apartment and I was able to buy two apartments in two years!"
-- Lilja Prieur ~ Paris, France

"Breaking through limiting beliefs (that I didn't even know I had) was one of the biggest reasons my business excelled. Nothing has ever lit a fire inside me like this program. Lisa is a brilliant coach and gets right to the heart of shattering your money fears."
-- Danny Gasemy ~ California, USA
    Executive Director Prepaid Legal

"Going through Lisa's "Money Makeover" coaching helped me shatter the fears I had around making money and being wealthy. Lisa helped me create multiple streams of income in my Guided Tour Business. I make money while I sleep!"
-- Anneli Jonsson ~ Stockholm, Sweden
    Professional Tour Guide & founder of Ccity Tours -


The Money Makeover Kit by Lisa JimenezThe Money Makeover Kit
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