Dear Friend,

I want you to have a breakthrough! I want you to know what it's like to conquer your fears and eliminate bad habits that hold you back—so you can live a more outrageous, faith-filled life.

You've asked for an advanced Conquer Fear! Tele-Seminar, and it's finally here. Vic Johnson invited me to create a 4-Week Tele-Seminar in April on Conquer Fear! This advanced training is for you if you're ready to shatter mediocrity and leap into success. I am now offering the complete Tele-Seminar and workbook to you. This amazing program can be purchased as an MP3 audio download or you can buy it on CD.

You get four sessions to freedom from gut-wrenching anxiety:

  • Lesson One: Overcome Hidden Fears That Hold You Back
  • Lesson Two: Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Lesson Three: Cultivate Your Faith
  • Lesson Four: Create a Success Mind-Set

The power in this program comes from blending the two disciplines of psychology and spirituality. By blending the head and heart aspects of motivation, you will master the strongest combination of handling rejection and conquering your fear… forever!

Read the following letter from Vic Johnson and decide if you're ready for your breakthrough.

I look forward to being your coach!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Every successful person operates with some level of fear at different times. That's the way God wired us—it's meant to be a good thing—to be a warning system. But until we learn how to manage it, it's not a warning system, it's a slave master, holding it's victims in inescapable bondage.

Have you ever felt the grip of fear? Like the feeling you get when you're already short of funds for the month and an unexpected bill arrives . . . the fear of rejection you feel before you pick up the phone to make certain calls . . . the fear of speaking up in a meeting when you know you've got the solution to the problem?

Has the fear of failure (or the fear of success) kept you from starting that business you've always wanted . . . or writing the book that you know is inside of you?

A year ago I was excited to introduce Lisa Jimenez's great book, Conquer Fear, because I knew that a lot of people would be helped by Lisa's message. But I had no idea just how popular it would be, quickly becoming our number one seller. One of the early readers, Dr. Beverly Kurtin sent me the most memorable email I've ever received from a subscriber. Beverly wrote in part, "This book is drilling down into the pulp where the blood really flows. It hurts like the dickens, but she's telling us the truth in a way that I've never seen before. She keeps reaching out of the book and slapping me on the face...HARD. And that's the kind of response I've had from reader after reader. There's no question that Lisa understands fear and she understands what it takes to manage it.

So I'm even more exited now to introduce you to a special Conquer Fear Tele-Seminar featuring none other than Lisa Jimenez. In this tele-seminar Lisa will teach you how to:

  • Identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs;
  • Overcome hidden fears;
  • Stop procrastination and self-sabotage;
  • Reject rejection with the L.O.A. (Law of Average);
  • Break through negative programming;
  • Raise your self-esteem and confidence level;
  • Create momentum to stay motivated; and,
  • Increase your bottom line.

Can you learn how to manage fear?

You bet! Fear is a learned behavior which, therefore, can be unlearned. We are only born with two fears—the fear of loud noise and the fear of falling. Every other fear you have has been learned.

Click here to listen to this sample from Lesson Two - Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs

I've seen the seminar curriculum and workbook that Lisa has put together and if you think the book was powerful, wait until you experience this seminar.

At the end of the seminar you're going to be armed like never before in your battle against fear.

--Vic Johnson

P.S. Imagine for a moment what your life would be like today if you had known how to manage fear in the past. Now, flush that thought forever and imagine what your life will be like in just a few short weeks after you've learned how to CONQUER FEAR!

"I went into my own business 7 years ago and wore many hats and placed great demands upon myself. I had very little time to myself. I was experiencing behaviors that were not common to me prior to the business venture. The first night of the Tele-Seminar, Lisa spoke of self-sabotage behaviors. There they were in black and white. I experienced a breakthrough that night and the next day these behaviors were changed."
- J. Alleman

“Your Program Is Absolutely On The Mark ! I Am Now A Results Driven, Goal Setting, Target Hitting, Action Oriented, (GO For More) Individual!”
--R. Lowe

“...this was excellent! It has helped me break through procrastination and into the next level of success!”
--V. Caiati

“Talk about a bull's eye. This course is right on the mark. It gets to the heart of 'why' we do what we do. If you're ready to understand why you procrastinate and sabotage your efforts, then this course is for you! This is the best tele-course I've taken in the last 2 years and I've taken from Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Big Al just to name a few. And by far this is the best one.”
--A. Thrasher

The program allowed me to have a major breakthrough to help find my life's purpose (I love the way Lisa looks at it as life's assignment). I am going to study Conquer Fear over and over again. I can see being able to renew my thinking and relieve my negative fears even more in the future. I thank God for you helping me through my "terror barriers."
- J. Farrar

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