How to Win in Business Without Losing Your Life

This insightful program will help your sales force master the balancing act of having a healthy family life while growing a business. Lisa teaches from her real-world experience of creating a successful business while raising three children and maintaining a happy marriage herself.

Your sales force will discover how to:

  • Prioritize with a color code calendar system;
  • Set and attain goals in the three core areas of their life;
  • Say "no" without guilt;
  • Create their own powerful mission statement for laser focus;
  • Intertwine life enrichment habits in everyday life to reduce stress;
  • Meet their innate needs on a healthy, conscious basis;
  • Create traditions that bond the family unit; and,
  • Live a life they love! Lisa will help each person in your sales force to design their own success standard and balance grid.

They will be empowered with extra energy after learning the strategies in this powerful program. Like thousands of others, they will master Lisa's system in the three core achievement areas that make life worth living - so they can win in business, without losing their life!

All keynote programs are available up to 90 minutes based upon your needs.

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