How to Lead and Empower Others

Most people in leadership positions don't know the difference between managing their people and truly leading them. The leaders who get outrageous results from their people, do so, because they have total belief in their company, product and people. They also know how to communicate these beliefs and convictions in the most powerful way! They paint the vision so clearly and vividly—that every person they lead sees that vision too, and feels they have a unique part in accomplishing it.

In this insightful program on leadership skills, Lisa shows your people how to:

  • Use imagination and reality to achieve any goal;
  • Turn goals into a compelling vision and communicate it with power;
  • Create an emotional connection to their vision;
  • Develop and empower others;
  • Ignite a sense of synergy and team spirit; and,
  • Instill autonomy in their team members.

Lisa will teach your people how to craft a vision big enough to encompass the visions of the people they lead, communicate their vision in the most powerful way, and break down the vision into steps to take on a daily basis to bring it to reality. When you need your people to step up and lead by example—this is the program to book.

All keynote programs are available up to 90 minutes based upon your needs.

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