Breakthrough Your Comfort Zone to the Success Zone!

One of the greatest secrets to success is getting out of your comfort zone and doing the things most people are not willing to do. This can be terrifying to some people. Lisa shows your people how to overcome this fear and tap into their innate, natural talents and bring out the best in themselves and others.

In this fun, information-packed program, your sales force will learn the personal development strategies and sales skills they need to master the business and achieve their goals. They will learn how to:

  • Cultivate their innate abilities;
  • Believe in their dream;
  • Have the courage to take risks;
  • Attract opportunity;
  • Create a laser focus;
  • Build healthier relationships; and,
  • Explode out of their self-imposed limitations to accept success!

Lisa uses humor, case studies and her personal experience to give your people courage. They will develop the courage that empowers them to pick up that 2,000-pound telephone, approach more prospects and close more sales!

Book this program for your next sales meeting or convention and let Lisa teach your sales force the steps to strengthen their courage—so they can break through their comfort zone to the success zone!

All keynote programs are available up to 90 minutes based upon your needs.

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