Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program with Lisa Jimenez

Create the mindset you need to radically transform your results in business and life!

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Geneva, SwitzerlandGeneva Mastermind Retreat

Four Seasons des Bergues in Geneva, Switzerland
October 10-15, 2018
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Costa RicaCosta Rica Mastermind Retreat

Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica
October 7-11, 2014
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The Money Makeover Kit

Conquer Fear! Complete Collection

If you want to learn how to break through hidden fear and shatter the limiting beliefs that hold you back, you’ll want to invest in the Conquer Fear! Complete Collection.

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The Money Makeover Kit

NEW! The Money Makeover Kit

In the "Money Makeover Kit" you will learn how to change your relationship with money. Learn how to create a strategy to finally find financial freedom.

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The Rich Life Kit

The Rich Life Kit

If you are ready to learn how to live a life that is truly rich, then you are the person I developed The Rich Life Kit for.

Let me tell you about the philosophy behind the Rich Life Kit and how to use it. The Rich Life Kit is a system that will help you retrain your mind to attract and receive abundance. It’s based on the philosophy that you were born to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

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The Power of Your Subconscious to Create Massive Wealth

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Quantum Leap Coaching Program

This coaching program consists of six wealth-building lessons covering a myriad of intense personal development tips and business-building strategies. The lessons are highly structured and build upon each other. If you are a high achiever and have already experienced great success, but feel like you just need a boost to propel you to the next level, then this coaching program is for you.

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Professional speaker and author, Lisa Jimenez


Information for Meeting Planners

Book Lisa, Pre-event and planning materials, press & media releases

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Speaking Programs

Lisa gives your people a fun, powerful message of life and work success. Bring in Lisa Jimenez for your next rally or convention.

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Lisa's new book,
Slay the Dragon!

Slay the Dragon by Lisa Jimenez

If you have ever allowed self-sabotage to stop you from achieving your goals, this book is for you.

Learn how to get out of your own way, become a Dragon Slayer, and finally get what you want.

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The "Don't Mess With the Princess!" Clothing Line

The "Don't Mess With the Princess!" Clothing Line

This adorable collection sparks a message of fun and freedom!

You will feel beautiful, smart and sexy wearing the Princess collection.

Shop for yourself and for all the Princesses in your life.

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Download Business Building Strategies for Direct Selling Success!

Download Business Building Strategies for Direct Selling Success!

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Click here for information about Lisa's Rich Life Mastermind Retreats in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Bangkok, Thailand!

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About Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed. About Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed.